Sunday, July 19, 2009

Release Your Inner Peacock

I know that most people who sew, embroider, and even embellish do not make clothing. Even at sewing shows, I seldom see hand-crafted or embellished clothing.

Although I happen to believe that sewing clothing is easier than quilting, many find garment sewing intimidating.

But... sewing your clothes from scratch is not the only way to clothe yourself in your own work. Want to wear the fruits of your labor without setting a sleeve? Consider adding your own touches to purchased clothing.

So, Where Do You Start?

First - Start with 'dispensable' clothing.

Choose something of little value to you to test on. You can choose unloved items from your closet, very inexpensive pieces from your favorite discount store or something from a thrift store. Working on something that has little or no value emotional or financial alleviates the pressure of turning out something perfect on your first embellishment foray.

Second - Be creative on a separate piece to attach after completion.

Paint or piece or embroider or bead on a square of fabric. When you've completed your composition, trim it to the size of a panel of your garment. Tack the edges of your masterpiece to the jacket or blouse. Once you're comfortable with the embellishment process and end result, you can move to working directly on the piece of clothing.

Third - Play, play, play!

This is supposed to be creative and FUN! You're working on unattached fabric. Don't be afraid to experiment. Try a variety of combinations. You can work freely until you attach your fabric to your garment.
And Last - Enjoy yourself and wear your new creation with pride!