Friday, June 24, 2011

The New Sewing Machine

Today tested my will power almost to the breaking point  My new sewing machine arrived and I didn’t rip open the box, tear through the packaging, and get the thing stitching. Instead, that luscious piece of perfectly engineered metal is still nestled in it’s styrofoam nest. You see, I’m heading to a retreat Sunday and I’m taking the machine with me. It doesn’t make sense to unpack the thing only to have to pack it up again 24 hours later.


I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m a retreat slut.  I LOVE a good sewing retreat and each year I go to as many retreats as I can.The retreat Sunday is  given by my ASG Chapter, one of two retreats it holds each year at Lake Tahoe.

So I’m taking the new machine to Tahoe where, surrounded by the beauty that is Lake Tahoe, I’ll experience the magnificence of a  Bernina 830 for the first time. Meanwhile, the box sits teasing me in the living room. I have my fingers in my ears but I can still hear it calling. “I’m waiting. Unpack me!”

And if that isn’t enough frustration, for the last week my computer has been keeping me humble. Last Friday, as I was diligently pecking away at the keyboard, I glanced up only to find that no letters were appearing on the screen. I tapped the A key, then the S, nothing; the X key, the Z, still no results. Then, when I hit the escape key, the computer went very, very quiet. After a reboot I found that touching the keyboard gave the charming results of powering down the computer. 

With a bit of experimentation I found that the computer works fine with an external keyboard but that configuration is not the most wieldy thing in the world (as in wieldy, the opposite of unwieldy).

I called Dell’s tech support  and within hours I had received an email that a new keyboard heading my way. That was last Friday.

Today is the next Friday and I still don’t have the replacement keyboard.

According to the UPS log, my keyboard has had quite a tour of the Midwest.

The keyboard left Nashville on the 17th and went to Indianapolis for the day, followed by an evening jaunt to Louisville, Kentucky.

Obviously the keyboard was not satisfied with it’s brief visit to Indianapolis, so after spending the day in Louisville, it went back to Indianapolis. The next day it went back to Louisville.

I take it that a second visit to Louisville was enough for it, so it finally headed west to California.

This morning it arrived in San Pablo. Tomorrow it’s supposed to get here. We’ll see.  For all I know my keyboard will lounge around the bay area for a day or two completing its leisurely trip.

Until I get the keyboard and face the fun of installing it in the laptop, I have my new sewing machine to dream about. It is  here and awaiting launch. Did I mention that it’s a Bernina 830? Sweet! 

I’ll write more about the sewing machine when I get to the retreat. Hopefully, I’ll be writing on a keyboard that’s actually installed in my laptop.