Wednesday, March 31, 2010

On the Blog Again

It's been really a long time since I've posted a blog. It's funny, Every time I sew, I mentally compose a blog. As I work, I start a conversation with myself saying things like, "When I put this in the blog, I'll make sure I make a note about how hard it is to xxxxx.....".  My answer might be "Make sure you mention that it helps to .... whatever".  Unfortunately, for the last 5 or 6 months these conversations have been internal. I haven't gone from sub-verbal chatter to blog posting.

Today I started a new project and I began the same type of mono conversation. The chatter began, "when I post this on the blog, I need to make sure I mention how much I want the embroidery to be appropriate for the subtlety of the stripes." and  "How, cool, I'll get to play with the angle of the stripes on the collar." and "Maybe I should mention my internal debate about whether or not to underline in silk." and "If this is lined, the inside will be hidden so I can use a cutaway stabilizer, that makes life easier."

Instead of just saying these things in my head I decided to head to the computer and start the chatter here - in my Blog. This is probably a good thing.  Surely typing in a blog is a better sign of mental health than talking to one's self.

So, as I make this jacket, I'll also log the process here in the blog.

The Project - a Jacket:
I'm making a jacket to add to my trunk show. In addition, I can use a new jacket, so a jacket it is.

My usual sequence is to start by pulling fabric out of the closet and this project is no exception. For quite a while now, a lovely black silk woven with a slender stripe of salmon and tobacco yarns has been calling my name whenever I get anywhere near the fabric closet.  When I saw this fabric for sale it, was very reasonably priced, probably because there was so little left on the bolt. I bought all there was, maybe a yard.  Of course, that's not enough to really do anything, but that just means I have an opportunity for creativity. I do have a solid black woven that will work with it.

Even as I was pulling the fabric down off the shelf I knew which embroidery designs I would use; a continuous line of designs from the latest design of the month club mini set, Cadeau. I'm really happy with these design and have plans to expand the mini set into a full set later this month. Using them on the jacket can only help when I do put the set on the market.

My choice of pattern is Sewing Workshop's new pattern, the Verona Jacket. It's a cute, short, double breasted jacket that includes a front dart. It has lots of potential for embellishment.

Today I made a muslin to see the fit and was pleasantly surprised to find that the size small fits almost straight out of the pattern. The only adjustment will be to lower the front darts a half inch. Considering that my breasts seem to be plummeting down my body faster than a sled on an icy hill, a half inch felt pretty good.
Tomorrow I start experimenting with thread colors.

So that's all I'm typing for today.  Don't worry, I'll be back.  No more 4 month gaps in blog postings for me.