Friday, February 25, 2011

Getting to the Show

Previously on The Self Proclaimed Queen of Bling:
When last we followed our stalwart heroine (otherwise known as the Self Proclaimed Queen of Bling) she was splayed across a grindstone, her nose shrinking at an alarming rate as it was pushed against a grindstone.

The reason:
Overwhelming deadlines rushing to the heroine (the Self Proclaimed Queen of Bling) faster than a speeding bullet. The first deadline; the extraordinarily huge sewing show, Sew Expo in Puyallup, Washington. The second deadline; the taping of a new sewing show, “It’s Sew Fun” two days after the heroine’s return from Puyallup, Washington.

And Now:
Our heroine spent an exhilarating day at the Old General Store in Drytown in the land of California. She was joined, for this day, by 10 good, no great, Samaritans, each volunteering their time and expertise to help the heroine in her time of need. Now, relieved of the pressure of the grindstone against her nose, our heroine is finally coming up for a breath of air and taking the time to chronicle her adventures in the land of the Old General Store with The Great Samaritans.

Let it be noted that the Good, no Great, Samaritans are each wondrously beautiful women with hands so gifted that everything each of these women touches turns into glorious works of art.
And so the Good, no Great, Samaritans took the lengths of fabric transformed by the heroine from beautiful pieces to extraordinary pieces by the addition of judiciously placed machine embroidery (all designed by our stalwart heroine) and created works of wearable art.jan-w-sumptuous-fabric
The heroine was amazed at the industry and talent of each of the Great Samaritans.
They employed marvelously advanced technology in their quest for the highest quality of fiber art.
Their machines sang with productive humming songs as they transformed the fabric into clothing.
The Samaritans used their wondrous talents to bedeck the pieces with jewels.
Even as they worked they found time to enjoy the company of others.
And as each completed her work of art, she held it up so all could enjoy the beauty.
With the help of the Great Samaritans your heroine was able to remove her nose from the grindstone and breathe most easily and return to the land of the living.


3 comments: said...

ASG Gold Country rocks! Good luck at Sewing Expo and the taping of the new show. Those pants are uber cute!

Tecla said...

It wasn't a sweat shop, it was a sweet shop. Add all the ladies that helped, the hosting of TOGS and all the great projects to help assemble and it was a very sweet day. Bobbi's humor is a plus to any sewing enviornment! Be sure to catch her classes/lectures at EXPO and experience her talent first hand.

DeniseAngela said...

Good luck at the sewing expo - I wish I was going! like your pants too! Thanks for visiting my blog!